Structural Engineer

$80000-95000 + Benefits
Los Angeles
02-12-2019 07:54 PM
I'm excited about this one and you guys and girls in Los Angeles should be, too. 

Naturally, you should step with an air of caution if you're thinking about joining a fairly new business - but these guys aren't 'brand new' anymore and having developed a proven track-record down the West Coast, they're now quite a force in Los Angeles and Los Angeles is now their second largest US based office.

Yeah sure, there's still risk involved as within any business, but it's extremely limited in this case and they're past the 'bumps in the road' that usually arise with start-ups. More importantly, their growth to date tells the story - they're winning, and in a big way. Currently just under 20-strong following their first few years in the city.  

This firm are spread across 4 countries and numerous continents but in locations where earthquakes are a thing, so seismic design experience will be highly advantageous. 

Their presence in the US is scattered down the West Coast (tieing in with the earthquake element) and their Los Angeles office was founded around 5 years ago now, hence offering opportunties that you'd be hard pushed to find elsewhere in Los Angeles.

Aside the progression opportunities that come from joining a growing company, i'm not sure there's another firm in Los Angeles able to offer such high-calibre projects with such high-profile architects on a regular basis.

Oh, 1 more thing - their benefits package is pheonmenal because they value their people beyond a good salary. 

So, if you're a Los Angeles based (or looking to relocate) Structural Engineer with 2-5 years' experience and looking to make the most of your career - not just in terms of the projects you're working on but also the all-round learning experience, get in touch. 

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